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Corporate Sponsorships

What is Corporate Sponsorship at PACT?

Now is the opportunity to take action against injustice! By becoming a sponsor you will be providing child sex trafficking prevention training to students!

Step #1

Choose a School

Select a local or even international school to receive the training from your sponsorship!

Step #2

Students Are Trained

We provide your selected students with our 1-hour training program to give them skills to prevent child sex trafficking!

Step #3

Your Company Empowers

Because of your donation, students are now equipped with life-saving skills to protect both themselves and their classmates.

Fists in Solidarity
Why Should You Become A Sponsor?
Fulfilling Your Anti-Modern 
Slavery Commitment

"In the US, requirements for corporations to report on measures to prevent modern slavery in the supply chain have been in place for several years. . . Understanding and effectively managing modern slavery risk is, therefore, of particular importance for global businesses."

By sponsoring students through PACT's Student Training program, you are acting on that commitment and taking legitimate action!

Supporting An Impactful and Highly-Reviewed Training 

Thousands of students across the country, and across the world, have registered to take PACT trafficking prevention training. It is also acknowledged as the standard education platform worldwide for the Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking, and international club.

99% of certified students have stated they would recommend the training and that they found it extremely valuable!

All Donations and Sponsorships are Tax-Deductible

As PACT is a registered non-profit 501.c3 organization, all monetary donations made sponsors qualify for tax deduction.

What Are You Sponsoring?

Your donation goes directly towards providing students with our SACT Training.

Our Training Program is. . .

  • 1-Hour, online program for High School and College levels.

  • BY students FOR students with a peer-to-peer instruction style.

  • Interactive with in-video questions, quizzes, and a certificate upon completion. 

  • Covers topics such as:

    • Warning Signs of Trafficking​

    • Risk Factors

    • Online Grooming

    • Self-Esteem

    • Safe Next Steps

    • AND MORE!

Image by Brooke Cagle
Learn More On How to Become a Sponsor!

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