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  • Businesses of any size can donate to our Corporation SPONSORSHIP Program where companies can select the school(s) of their choice to sponsor students to take the online, interactive, multimedia with peer to peer training courses (Updated Dec 1st)

School Sponsorships

o  Bronze:                        $1,000 =   50 students

o  Silver :                          $3,000 =   150 students

o  Gold                            $5,000 = 333 students   

o  Platinum:                     $10,000 = 667 Student


Individual Licensing

●      1-99 licenses                                  $20.00/license

●      100 to 3,000 licenses                      $15/license

●      3,001 to 5,000 Licenses                  $13/license

●      5,000+ Licenses                             Negotiated Contract pricing


  • PACT monitors student progress through each segment of the course and encourages them until they complete it and receive their PACT Certification 

  • Each Corporate Sponsor will receive quarterly updates on the number of students trained

  • All Corporate sponsorships will receive media recognition for their contributions

  • Students will also receive recognition as PACT communicates to the Principle of all graduates that are helping serve their fellow students and community on how to stay aware and safe

PACT was built to be sustainable long term in order to defeat child sex trafficking.  Very few nonprofits make this type of investment in their future or have an Endowment Fund, and that is why PACT is blessed to have Morgan Stanley develop and provide PACT donors an opportunity to invest in the long-term success of PACT and their programs.  Morgan Stanley is serving as custodian for the Endowment Fund.

​Securities Contributions
Transfer procedures differ depending upon the type of security donated. 

If you are donating a security, please verify with your broker that the stock is eligible for electronic deliver over the Depository Trust Company (DTC) system.  This works for most stocks, but some securities have specific transfer instructions.  If you plan to make a donation of restricted stock please be sure to include that information in your email as we can provide specific instructions for restricted stocks.

Please note that all donations of securities will be liquidated upon delivery to PACT. Restricted stock will be liquidated as soon as the restriction period has expired. Please consult with your tax advisor before making a large charitable donation to any charity.

Please be sure to notify (PACT) of any charitable donation of securities so that your donation can be properly documented.

PACT Endowment Fund Stock Giving Instructions
Your broker may electronically transfer the gift directly to our account at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney as follows:


DTC #0015 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
FBO: Partners Against Child Trafficking
Account #042-020829-236

Please Contact: the following if you have any questions:

  • Pamela Dunn of Graystone Consulting Austin – Ph. 512-469-3449 and E-mail her at:

  • Rick Naylor at PACT- Ph 512.410.8080 and email  for any questions

  • Also call your broker