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Who Is SACT?

Students Against Child Trafficking is the student branch of PACT, a motivated community of students around the world who are joined together with the mission of protecting themselves and their peers from the dangers of child sex trafficking.

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High School



PACT's student branch: Students Against Child Trafficking, offers a 1-hour long online training course for students ages 13 to 18 to learn how to recognize signs and signals of child trafficking at their school and how to act on it!


Why is it important?

  •  This course is about PREVENTION. Students learn how to spot trafficking signs and stop it before anything can happen.

  • The topic of child trafficking is very rarely discussed in neither schools nor homes, so students are often left unaware and vulnerable. We want to make students attentive and skilled so they never have to experience child trafficking first-hand


Our courses are made FOR students BY students. The scripts were written, developed, and presented by students!


Our High School course is currently available in both English and Spanish! More languages are coming soon as well!

Interactive Videos

These courses are built to be interactive and engage students with in-video questions and hands-on projects.

Get Certified!

After completing the course and passing all the exams, each student will be awarded with their own personal PACT Training Certificate!



​Are you ready to make an impact this school year? The PACT Student Ambassador Program focuses on empowering a generation of student leaders to get informed about child trafficking and take action to protect the children in their community. PACT Student Ambassadors receive in-depth training on the issue and design a project to raise awareness, reduce victimization, and/or disrupt demand. Each school year, scholarships are awarded to the students with the most outstanding projects. Student to student, the movement is building.

Apply today to become a PACT Ambassador or create an Ambassador Chapter!


Here are some examples of PACT Ambassador Students projects and over the last several years. Each of these projects helped build awareness by involving student communities.  PACT Ambassador programs begin from middle school, high school to colleges and universities all over the country. If you are in middle school or high school fill out the applications to become a  PACT Butterfly Ambassador or a fill out the PACT Student Ambassador application if you are in college or a university. 

Spaghetti Dinner & Panel

Our goal was to use this opportunity to educate the people in our community of all ages on the reality of child trafficking and how they could play a role in helping to prevent it.

City-Wide Student Collaborative

The enormity of this problem was striking and when I made my speech, many people challenged me about whether this was real, whether modern day slavery was happening in the world or in their country.



University of Texas Sunshines

These UT students have gathered together to build awareness throughout their campus and other campuses by having events, panel discussions and classes on self defense.