Kids Running


Imagine a world without child trafficking and exploitation.

​PACT works to bring awareness, advocacy and teach all people regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise. Our work is based on extensive research and then leveraging those voices of the vulnerable in developing programs that provide relevant prevention solutions to all the members of our community


​​Our Mission is to empower students through peer to peer communications to detect, defend and disrupt against predators in their own environment and bring awareness to adults to stop the demand .



Our public health approach to child trafficking and exploitation leverages the most up-to-date research to define the underlying issues, understand the risks and the costs, and initiate prevention strategies that engage the entire community.  By raising awareness, preventing victimization and reducing the demand we expect to achieve our vision.


In September of 2014, Rick Naylor received a “divine appointment” into a subject matter that he was not prepared. That day in September, Rick was told to “stop child sex trafficking”. Not “fix it” or” provide victim services” type solutions. “Stop it” from happening.
Previously, Rick’s tenured career was in the technology industry and several of those last year’s flying all over the world as an executive of a international company.  But those last world tours were full of hints that would become relevant to what God called him to do that day. When Rick stepped into an airport in a foreign country, he was met by two “bodyguards” as a prerequisite to his personal KRE Policy. KRE stood for Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion.  Those words were the first hint.  
That day, Rick left his “day job” and began by reading hundreds of pages of intelligence reports, researching and seeking counsel of dozens of leaders including pastors, doctors, clinical specialists, counselors, state local and justice system leaders, nonprofit ministries, national and international corporations and finally victims, survivors and victors. The research took the better part of a year, but during that time, longtime business associates gathered around Rick to support him and the mission and purpose that God called him to do and provide him the foundation of a Board of Director’s that knew that Rick had been called. In June 2015, after submitting the paperwork to the Federal government, PACT became registered a 501.c3.  Four days! God, was leading the way.
The name of the organization would be: PACT, Partners Against Child Trafficking. Building “Partnerships” was what Rick’s livelihood in building strategic relationships in both private and public sectors, and as he was soon to discover, essential and the only way to approach, lead and stop the epidemic. The summation of the research and approach methodology was to first develop a “PACT Continuum of Care Model” that became instrumental in the overall business plan.  The issue that became clear was that there was clearly a lack of global, let alone local, awareness and or tangible knowledge or actions to execute corrective action. In fact, most people interviewed didn’t want to either hear about it of know about child ex trafficking. Child sex trafficking is not in everyday conversations, let alone the dinner table.  It was taboo. “It doesn’t happen here, not in our backyard. Not relevant to me.”
The purpose of PACT was then to build a foundation where PACT was one of the foremost authorities in child sex trafficking based on in its research and evidenced knowledge. But the second, and most essential, was to transform this knowledge into measurable action based on the vision and hope that this epidemic could be stopped. NOT ONE MORE VICTIM became the battle cry.
However, if parents and adults didn’t want to talk about it or hear about it, then who would? The most effective solution was staring at us all along - our children, after all that is where the vulnerability age lies.  But how can you get children to talk about an “adult issue?” The most important asset we have in the world today is our children.  Our children are also students, the ground zero of peer to peer communications. The students are exactly where the vision of hope is centered by providing them a platform of factual information that their parents don’t or won’t talk about. The PACT platform was empowering to the students and they were in charge of their own destinies by thwarting the efforts of predators by teaching each how to Detect, Defend and Disrupt the predators.  A working and scalable model across the globe.